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Customer Care: Using AI to Answer the Tricky Network Questions

Ofcom, the UK regulator, carries out an annual survey about customer satisfaction in telecoms. The most recent report, Comparing Customer Service: Mobile, Landline and Home Broadband published in May 2023 covered customer data from 2022. Although this report just covers the UK market, it could be fair assumption that most developed and competitive telecoms markets could have similar issues to...

The Start of the BSS Renaissance

A couple of recent reports have highlighted that BSS is set for a bit of a renaissance as service providers start to make the investments needed to grow their business.

Moving Beyond Speed: How Fibre Operators Can Differentiate and Increase Revenues

Fibre broadband is helping to drive up revenues for operators. It commands a price premium of around 30% over non-fibre broadband and there is a strong market demand with customers willing to pay this premium. Add in government subsidies and assistance to make sure that high-speed connectivity is available to all and investors lining up to fund network roll-outs, then it’s no real surprise that...

The Main Trends in Telecoms in 2024

This article was first published in The Fast Mode.

Generative AI was the big tech story of 2023, and in telecoms, we’re starting to see CSPs use AI to improve operations. Additionally, the need to move beyond selling connectivity is driving CSPs to change in order to grow, impacting the technology they use to run their business. In this article, we explore four major trends for the telecoms...

My API Story: New Revenue Streams Beyond Connectivity

This article was first published on TM Forum's website Ailis Claassen interviewed Qvantel's Chief Product Officer Mahender Nandikonda  about the TM Forum Open API program.

Generative AI and Telecoms – How to Best Navigate Through the Potential Trough of Disillusionment

This article was first published in

Anyone who has worked in telecoms technology will have seen new tech come and go. Some have been more hyped than others, and generally the greater the hype (and associated expectations) the greater the initial disappointment when the technology is rolled out. Is generative AI going to be any different given the amount of investment and momentum...

Faster Time to Market: The One Constant Requirement from BSS

This article was first published in The Fast Mode.

For years telecom vendors have been trotting out the ‘faster time to market’ line like a mantra. It doesn’t matter if they’re selling network equipment, BSS, apps, or cloud services, the ‘faster time to market’ promise is always in the marketing department’s list of benefits and promises.

Want to Improve Customer Care Performance? Use a Generative AI Copilot

Generative AI is one of the hottest tech topics in 2023. In telecoms, several CSPs have already started to deploy Generative AI into their operations. Almost all CSPs are investigating where and how Generative AI could be used and consensus is that the first use of Generative AI will be to support customer operations, and specifically customer care.

How 5G SA Can Change the Digital Value Chain in the CSPs’ Favour

This article was first published in RCR Wireless.

5G+ and 5G Ultra are two of the names that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have given their new 5G SA (Standalone) services. Having a cool, new name that differentiates 5G SA from existing 5G NSA (non Standalone) services makes perfect sense as for the majority of customers, 5G NSA is really just faster 4G.