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Incident Copilot Catalyst at DTW - Using AI to Deliver a Better Network and Care Experience

47% of complaints from customers to their mobile operators are about network related issues, such as loss of service outages or poor connection speed. For fixed broadband operators that figure jumps to 66%*. But often customer care agents and bots don’t have access to the network data to give a reason for the network issues and have no idea when the issue is going to be fixed. Maybe this would...

Open Digital Architecture – The Blueprint for Helping Transform BSS

Each year, the leading consulting firm, PWC carries out a CEO survey. They ask CEOs, from a range of industries, what their most important priorities are. In telecoms, the number 1 priority on the CEOs’ to-do list was ‘reinventing the telecoms model’.

Déjà Vu All Over Again? Can Fibre Operators Learn From the Mobile Market?

This article was first published in The Fast Mode.

Massive investment in network rollout and a build-it-and-they-will-come approach could describe the fibre broadband market in the last two years. We’ve been here before, as this is what happened in the 1990s with GSM (aka 2G), in the 2000s with 3G and in the 2010s with 4G.

10 Ways CSPs Can Increase Their IoT Revenues

Leading research firm, Analysys Mason have forecast that the IoT value chain will generate revenues of US$252 billion by 2030 with connectivity accounting for 9% of this total. This raises an obvious question for CSPs – how can they get a bigger slice of this revenue?

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

We at Qvantel are proud of our highly diverse and multicultural community and the vibrant culture it fosters. When discussing our culture with our people, one aspect that consistently comes up is their appreciation for the cultural variety of backgrounds which are highly valued and truly enrich our lives. Genuine interest in one another, coupled with respect and a commitment to understanding and...

Information Security: Safeguarding the Foundation of BSS

In recent years, high-profile news stories about cyber attacks, ransomware, and data security breaches have become increasingly prevalent. As more individuals and companies embrace digitalization, the risks associated with these threats continue to grow.

Qvantel at MWC24: AI Copilots Take the Front Seat

This article was first published in The Fast Mode.

With MWC Barcelona taking place this week at the Fira Gran Via, Ariana Lynn, Principal Analyst at The Fast Mode spoke to Jukka Heiska, CMO of Qvantel on the company's participation at the event.

Customer Care: Using AI to Answer the Tricky Network Questions

Ofcom, the UK regulator, carries out an annual survey about customer satisfaction in telecoms. The most recent report, Comparing Customer Service: Mobile, Landline and Home Broadband published in May 2023 covered customer data from 2022. Although this report just covers the UK market, it could be fair assumption that most developed and competitive telecoms markets could have similar issues to...

The Start of the BSS Renaissance

A couple of recent reports have highlighted that BSS is set for a bit of a renaissance as service providers start to make the investments needed to grow their business.