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How 5G SA Opens the Door to Real-Time, Contextual and Personalized Marketing

This article was first published in RCR Wireless.

The marketing mantra of right offer, right customer, right time has been around for years, and in the telecoms industry offers have been relatively straightforward. Every communications service provider (CSP) has a system that sends alerts to customers (e.g. for topping up pre-paid accounts) and many have campaign management systems that send...

5G SA Versatility Needs BSS Agility

Visiting TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World event this week it was good to see the event busy and catch up with friends and industry colleagues. The last time I was (physically) at DTW was in 2019 in Nice, and then the focus was all on this wave of digital transformation that was going to hit the industry. It’s fair to say that since 2019 the rate of transformation in telecoms has surpassed...

5G Slicing and the Impact on BSS

I recently heard an ad on the radio from Sky TV. They’re on an advertising blitz just now to get customers to buy their new TV, Sky Glass. It’s a smart TV that comes with Sky services along with integration to Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime built in. At the end of the ad when the voice-over speeds up with the usual terms and conditions stuff I heard the words ‘recommends a minimum broadband...

No-Code / Low-Code: Speed Up Development Time by Up to 90%

The leading advisory and analyst firm McKinsey & Company recently published their Technology Trends Outlook 2022. This report calls out the 14 most significant technology trends in the world. As you’d expect, major trends, such as the future of clean energy, applied AI, and advanced connectivity are covered. Also listed is next-generation software development, which underlines the importance of...

Information Security: The Foundation on Which to Run BSS

There have been a lot of very high-profile news stories about cyber attacks, ransomware, and general data security breaches in the last few years. And they are increasing as more people and companies digitalise their lives and their businesses. 

5G Opens Doors to New Vertical Markets

In a recent blog, Qvantel’s CDO, Ruben Lopez wrote about how the aspirations of service providers have become more ambitious with the majority wanting to become full digital service providers selling a variety of end-to-end services. Ruben also wrote that he’d led several digital transformation projects where the service provider is now a fully digital company providing everything from education...

The Emergence of the New Service Provider

For the last six years, TM Forum has published the results of their Digital Transformation Tracker. In this, they ask CSPs about how their transformation is coming along, what the main barriers to change are as well as what their strategic plans are. One of the key questions they ask is ‘what do you want to be?’

eSIMs – Delivering a Faster and Greener Onboarding Process

This article was first published in RCR Wireless.

When buying a new digital service, be it Netflix or Spotify, customers complete the onboarding process and then start using the service straight away. For the vast majority of mobile customers, there is usually a delay of several days between onboarding and getting to use the new service as the customers have to wait till a SIM card is posted to...

Where Can CSPs Fit in the Metaverse?

This article was first published on

Leading analyst firm Gartner described the Metaverse as the ‘next version of the internet’. In these shared and interconnected virtual 3D spaces people can work, play games, socialise, be entertained, shop, learn and do a lot of other stuff we do in a physical world – only it’s done virtually.