No-Code / Low-Code: Speed Up Development Time by Up to 90%

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The leading advisory and analyst firm McKinsey & Company recently published their Technology Trends Outlook 2022. This report calls out the 14 most significant technology trends in the world. As you’d expect, major trends, such as the future of clean energy, applied AI, and advanced connectivity are covered. Also listed is next-generation software development, which underlines the importance of software in our economy and society.

In next-generation software development, McKinsey calls out six technologies that are impacting software development. These are:

  • Low-code / no-code platforms
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Microservices and APIs
  • AI pair programming
  • AI-based testing
  • Automated code review

The inclusion of low-code / no-code is good to see. The McKinsey report highlights the fact that it impacts all stages of the software development lifecycle, covering planning and analysis, architecture design, development and coding, testing, and deployment and maintenance.

No-code / low-code is becoming more popular. In 2020, less than 25% of new application development used no-code / low-code. By 2025 McKinsey expects this figure to rise to 70%. That’s a significant increase and it’s no real surprise when you consider some of the benefits of no-code / low-code. McKinsey states that one of the main benefits will be faster development and that low-code / no-code applications can deliver up to a 90% reduction in development time. 90% represents a huge saving in time, money, and effort, as well as opportunity cost.

In the telecoms market, all software vendors have been banging the 'faster time to market' drum for at least the last four years. And this drumbeat is only getting louder as 5G SA starts to roll out and operators look to enter new markets, develop more offers, and speed up all the stages from concept to cash. As some telecom operators are changing to become technology companies and many looking to become full digital service providers, faster time to market and its companion agility will become more relevant than ever before.

As software is the foundation on which telecom companies are now built, the opportunity to cut software development time by up to 90% will represent a significant opportunity.


Kai Keinänen
Head of Product


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