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Your BSS Is Broken

Business Support Systems (BSS) are at the heart of a telecom operator’s successful busi­ness operations. But in the past two decades, operators have drifted away from a focus on their business by taking an IT-centric approach to source, run, and evolve their mission-critical business platforms.

What should be simple has become complicated, slow, and expensive. This has led to an unhealthy model of...

Altán & Sayco Go Live in Record Time with Qvantel’s Digital BSS

Altán, the first fully wholesaler Mobile Operator in the world, serving the Mexican market, and Sayco, one of the Mexico-based MVNOs on the Altán platform, have successfully completed the Go-live of their new digital business proposition that offers mobile services for Mexican consumers.

Eventful Meetings Without Events

Since the current pandemic has limited or stopped the majority of in-person events, we have to work harder at finding ways to connect and tell our stories.  And though there is now a vaccine for Covid 19, it's still unclear if and when we will return to how we used to do business with face to face interactions.

DNA's Digital Transformation Journey with Qvantel

Qvantel is proud to be a part of DNA's continuous digitalization journey that has generated new revenue streams, improved customer experiences, allows rapid reaction to competitors, and has helped DNA lead the industry with the highest usage of mobile data in the world.

XL Axiata Home Grows Customer Base 316% with Qvantel BSS

Qvantel has provided the BSS for managing the XL Home offering which has helped XL Axiata to grow their customer base by 316.66%

The PT XL Axiata Tbk (EXCL) Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service, XL HOME continues to grow.

As of Aug 2020,  there was an increase in the number of XL Home subscribers by 316.66% and an increase in Homepass by 79.49%.

Transforming Telcos into True Digital Natives

The key to achieving a successful companywide digital transformation is by taking on the challenges head-on, becoming more agile as a business and modernising your business model to offer truly digital services to your customers that run seamlessly.

Wind Tre CIO: How Qvantel Digital Transformation Partnership Redefines Customer Interaction

“I strongly believe that great people get great results and Qvantel was willing to set up and collocate their people and ours in an office in Rome that is 20 metres from our office,” Visser adds. “Our people and Qvantel’s people sit together, have dinner together and solve problems together.”

XL Axiata Goes Live with Qvantel Digital BSS for their Fixed Line (FTTH) Broadband Services

This partnership supports XL Axiata’s commitment to rapidly address the Fixed Line (Fiber) growth in Indonesia (asXL Home). With Qvantel’s state-of-the-art technologies, XL Home will offer superior digital experiences to its customers, unified across care and commerce while simplifying operations and reducing costs.  

Qvantel Appoints Jean-Marc Lazzari as CEO

Chairman of the Board, Matti Roto says, “Jean-Marc is an accomplished leader with significant business experience and expertise in growing and improving international technology-based businesses in Europe and the United States. He is a people and customer-oriented individual with an adventurous spirit and a strong history of leading and bringing together highly engaged teams for shared success....