Building on Very Mobile Success, Qvantel and MATRIXX Partner to Rapidly Launch New Digital Telco Brands

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Creating new, digital-centric brands has become an effective strategy for telecom operators to attack new market segments, gain market share, and quickly launch new propositions that address consumers demands for simplicity and self-service oriented models. Italy's Very Mobile is a great example of such a success that was rapidly launched in four months.

Very Mobile

Very Mobile has focused on digital experiences such as fast onboarding, eSIM activation, and digital video-based "Know Your Customer" validation. This customer-friendly digital approach is one reason Very has received the best Customer Experience (CX) and NPS scores in Italy's low-cost market, which is a validation of customer trust and excellence in digital experience.

Powered by Qvantel Flex BSS and MATRIXX's Digital Commerce Platform, Very Mobile has also reduced the average cost of customer acquisition by 30%.


Ready to Deploy Digital Commerce Solution

The Qvantel and MATRIXX pre-integrated digital business solution provides telcos with a ready-to-deploy digital commerce solution with unmatched speed, game-changing flexibility and cloud native resiliency.  The flexibility of the Qvantel-MATRIXX solution and the joint investment made by the partnership speeds deployment and the launch of new offers, making it the ideal platform for digital greenfield mobile brands. The cloud native microservices-based architecture of the Qvantel-MATRIXX solution further ensures the platform will scale and provides the telco with an evolution path to migrate main brand customer base to the new digital stack.

Qvantel Flex BSS unleashes unlimited potential for business process innovations.  One example is the Member-Get-Member referral marketing that rewards subscribers for getting their friends to join, and both are given discounts and benefits on their subscriptions. 


The MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform delivers subscribers real-time visibility into their usage, account and data balances and triggers notifications when a top-up may be required.  These elements put control in the consumer's hands and are crucial to a telco's success with today's digital-savvy consumers.

The Combined Power of Qvantel and MATRIXX

Together, Qvantel and MATRIXX provide a truly digital business platform with no-code configurability and flexibility that empowers telcos to reach new levels of business agility, innovating through enhancing existing offers or implementing new offers to respond to market needs of diverse customer segments and business lines.

Qvantel Flex BSS provides the framework for rapid process and business rule management along with the core BSS capabilities such as order orchestration, product catalog, and customer 360views.

The MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform supports unlimited monetization levers to build and extend customer offers beyond the traditional minutes, messages and megabytes, making it ideally suited for innovation as telco's increasingly embrace and invest in 5G networks.  Both Qvantel and MATRIXX have embraced an API-first architecture, facilitating integration to the network, business systems and all consumer-facing apps and channels.

qvantelMatrixxtogether copy


While collaborating on the successful deployment at Very Mobile, Qvantel was certified as a MATRIXX Regional Implementation Partner, with a growing pool of trained and certified expert teams who can deploy, operate and support MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform as part of the integrated solution with Qvantel Flex BSS.  Through the partnership, both companies work together to continuously innovate to deliver best-of-suite experience for telcos. Together they demonstrate and achieve scalability and flexibility with cloud deployments such as using AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service and Rancher for managing cloud operations.

Digital by Default

"Digital by default" is the expectation of a growing number of telecommunications consumers.  And it is no longer a nice to have, but a growing necessity for how telcos serve their customers and manage their own operations.  The Qvantel-MATRIXX solution for your digital brand is proven, flexible and scalable, and will set you on a path to market expansion and innovation.

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