Information Security: Safeguarding the Foundation of BSS

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In recent years, high-profile news stories about cyber attacks, ransomware, and data security breaches have become increasingly prevalent. As more individuals and companies embrace digitalization, the risks associated with these threats continue to grow.

No company is immune to cyber attacks, and it is crucial for all organizations to take proactive steps to protect themselves. This is especially relevant in the telecommunications sector, particularly within Business Support Systems (BSS).

The Significance of BSS and Its Data

When we delve into the type of information managed within a BSS, we encounter a wealth of sensitive and confidential data related to both customers and the company itself. As Communication Service Providers (CSPs) expand into new domains like telehealth and smart cities powered by 5G, the volume and diversity of information managed by BSS will only increase.

The Role of an ISO 27001 Compliant ISMS

To fortify the defences, Qvantel has established a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) specifically tailored for BSS. This system must undergo independent validation and certification. An ISMS compliant with ISO 27001 standards offers several advantages:

  1. Enhanced Resilience: By adhering to standardized and measurable information security policies and practices, we bolster resilience against cyber threats.
  2. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability: ISO 27001 ensures data remains confidential, maintains its integrity, and remains accessible when needed.
  3. Secure Processes and Controls: Collaborative processes and well-defined controls minimize vulnerabilities.
  4. Personal Security Awareness: Employees gain a deeper understanding of security practices, fostering confidence in safeguarding information.
  5. Continuous Improvement and Risk Management: ISO 27001 promotes ongoing enhancement and proactive risk mitigation.

Qvantel’s Commitment to Security

I am pleased to report that Qvantel’s ISMS is ISO 27001 certified. Our commitment to information security ensures that our clients benefit from a secure and reliable foundation for their BSS operations. Remember, safeguarding information is not a one-time effort; it requires continuous vigilance and adaptation. By prioritizing security, CSPs can confidently navigate the digital landscape while protecting their customers and their business.

In 2020, Qvantel began our ISO 27001 certification cycle. In December 2023, Qvantel renewed the certification with the 2022 version of the ISO 27001 standard, reinforcing our dedication to maintaining a robust security foundation.

With Qvantel’s solid foundation, our customers can confidently build their future success.


Paavo SammalistoProgram Manager - Information Security



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