Ensuring Best Practices When Running on AWS Public Cloud

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When running software in AWS public cloud, it is important make sure that you follow the best practices specified by the leading hyperscaler. This will make cloud architecture fool-proof and free of vulnerabilities. Reviewing the state of cloud workloads against AWS Well-Architected Framework Review and implementing best practices can help to discover untapped opportunities for cost reductions, improved application performance, and risk mitigation.

Qvantel recently undertook the  AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) audit project and has now attained AWS FTR approval for Qvantel Flex BSS on AWS offering. AWS FTR defines a set of required best practices based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework and standards for evaluating the systems architecture, operational practices and AWS resource configurations of partner offerings. These practices are designed to ensure the best possible customer experience when using Qvantel Flex BSS on AWS.

The AWS Foundational Technical Review is an in-depth technical review designed for Partners, like Qvantel, that host their cloud solutions in AWS. The aim of an AWS FTR is to identify ways we can enhance cloud architecture. This includes making our software more secure, making it more reliable, and helping it run more efficiently. These concepts are developed to provide the customer with the best possible user experience when using AWS Partner products on the cloud.

Tero Nieminen, CTO of Qvantel, comments on the achievement: “We are very delighted to have completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review. This is a significant matter to us that AWS has validated us and confirms that we are AWS compliant. This achievement, together with the recently published AWS Marketplace listing, takes Qvantel's partnership with AWS to a completely new level.”


Qvantel Flex BSS is now AWS Qualified Software and this certifies that as a trustworthy AWS Partner we have a well-designed and secured AWS infrastructure. Qvantel's customers running their solution on AWS public cloud can be confident that AWS has audited the architecture implemented by Qvantel and found that it complies with the best practices and standards.


Marko Antila
VP Partnerships, Qvantel

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