Eventful Meetings Without Events

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Human interactions and in-person networking has been at the heart of doing business for years.  Meeting at events can build trust and connections in a more powerful way than almost anything else. Events also have allowed us to create beautiful spaces to hold face-to-face discussions and to showcase our portfolio, success stories, and innovations with our customers, Telco Operators, and analysts.  But today, that "beautiful space" might have to be a video call (with a virtual background)

Since the current pandemic has limited or stopped the majority of in-person events, we have to work harder at finding ways to connect and tell our stories.  And though there is now a vaccine for Covid 19, it's still unclear if and when we will return to how we used to do business with face to face interactions.

We would still like  to share our successful transformation results and solutions from our Qvantel Digital Transformation Platform.

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