Celebrating Cultural Diversity

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We at Qvantel are proud of our highly diverse and multicultural community and the vibrant culture it fosters. When discussing our culture with our people, one aspect that consistently comes up is their appreciation for the cultural variety of backgrounds which are highly valued and truly enrich our lives. Genuine interest in one another, coupled with respect and a commitment to understanding and learning from our differences, forms the cornerstone of our culture.

“In my opinion, the multicultural environment of Qvantel contributes very positively to the general day-to-day working conditions. Humans need additional data and effort to perceive people different from them in a neutral light. In an environment where people come from diverse cultures, there is a variety of thought processes and skill sets which can prove to be beneficial for achieving the organization’s objectives. This provides an opportunity for all our personnel to have the experience to communicate better in different cultural environments with our customers.” -Software Developer (Pakistan)

As an example of communicating and learning from the different people from diverse backgrounds that make up our HR team, we've established a tradition of hosting virtual coffee breaks every Friday, where we come together to have casual chats or share our weekend plans. Together we raise our coffee mugs from Colombia to Spain, and from India to Finland. These discussions have not only deepened our bonds but have also broadened our understanding of the diverse traditions and events celebrated in different cultures. As the people in our sites represent a broad variety of cultures, we celebrate our staff parties in a manner that goes beyond cultural boundaries, fostering our community and appreciation for all backgrounds.

“When I joined Qvantel I saw people from different parts of the world with different cultures working together. As a newcomer, I didn’t feel like an outsider. The most amazing part is all the Qvantelees some days get together and have special cuisine of one country together, which makes them get closer to each other's culture. The first impression I got from Qvantel comparing my previous experiences was exactly that this is an international company though it’s based in Finland.” -Product Portfolio Manager (Iran)

‘’It’s been amazing to be part of this inclusive and culturally diverse team of experts. Celebrating festivals and major national holidays together has brought us closer and made us one global team. One of my highlights was being able to take part in the Diwali – the festival of lights which was streamed from our Hyderabad office to all our employees around the world. What an opportunity to take part in that in the middle of the darkest period of the year in Helsinki. ‘’ – Director (Finland)

It's widely recognized that multicultural communities increase creativity and innovation. At Qvantel, this diversity is not just acknowledged but actively leveraged to drive excellence. Our leadership attests to the fact that decision-making processes benefit greatly from the varied perspectives brought forth by our executive team members' diverse cultural backgrounds. By approaching challenges from multiple angles, we continuously push the boundaries of innovation and strive for continuous improvement.

To ensure a diverse workforce in the future as well, we place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion throughout our recruitment process. We are committed to ensuring a fair hiring process that welcomes candidates from all areas of life. Also, we provide support for relocation between countries or cities, underscoring our dedication to fostering a truly global workforce.


“Multicultural work environment has allowed me to interact with so many people. Some team members have become very close to me, so besides work, becoming friends gave me happiness. Some team members I realized were like a dream work team I ever had. So, as a whole, it is enriching and fulfilling.” -Lead Architect (India)

However, achieving true inclusivity requires more than just organizational initiatives; it necessitates genuine effort and a willingness to understand and embrace one another. We have implemented initiatives aimed at facilitating the integration of our non-national employees into the local community. For example, while the working language across our sites is English, we offer Finnish language lessons free of charge during working hours to empower our team members to better connect with their surroundings.

‘’Although many companies are multinational, at Qvantel you really have the opportunity to interact daily with people from many countries. This gives us the opportunity to open our minds and have more cooperation and teamwork. And understanding our differences and making the best out of it. I also love exploring Viva Engage to see colleagues taking part in celebrations, festivities, or sports events in our sites around the world, it's like traveling every day. ‘’ -Coordinator (Colombia)

Qvantel is a global company and we are proud that our multicultural and diverse community helps shape our company culture and expand our perspectives every day.


Katriina Dunn
Senior HR Specialist

Olivia Kumpulainen
HR Manager

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