Mahender Nandikonda

Mahender is an entrepreneur and experienced executive with 20+ years in the global telecommunications industry. As a founding member of Qvantel, he has been at the forefront of customer success and in establishing long-lasting relationships with key customers. He is currently leading Customer Accounts & Sales at Qvantel where he is passionate to help CSPs to get the best out of digital transformations deploying Qvantel Flex BSS.

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How to Successfully Deliver Digital Transformations During a Pandemic

More than a century ago, the great scientist Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” By this, he meant that sudden flashes of insight and success don’t just happen but are the products of preparation. We’d like to share our story of how early adoption of digital, cloud, and a BSS as a Service (SaaS) way of working helped Qvantel successfully serve our customers through pandemic...