Qvantel Showcases Next Level of BSS Innovation to Drive CSP Growth at Digital Transformation World 2023

Qvantel Flex BSS, AI-Enabled Customer Care Co-Pilot, and Qvantel Flex Billing Service show how CSPs can achieve new levels of agility and grow their business.

Helsinki, 12 September 2023 – Qvantel, a leader in Digital Business Support Systems (BSS), today announced the latest BSS innovations that it will showcase at this year’s Digital Transformation World (DTW) in Copenhagen (19- 21 September).

Qvantel Flex BSS is built using the no/low code approach of configuration over coding to deliver new levels of agility and a faster time to market for CSPs. At DTW Qvantel will show how quickly and easily CSPs can build new offers and processes to enable an accelerated time to market. A recent TM Forum report, Transforming BSS – Racing to a Flexible, Customer Focussed Future, showed that 78% of agile CSPs are planning to invest in no/low code configuration to increase BSS agility, and highlighted no/low code as the ‘next big thing’ in BSS. With Gold Level TM Forum Open API certification, Qvantel Flex BSS can easily be integrated with 3rd party systems. This enables CSPs to be more innovative and quickly develop new 'beyond connectivity' revenues and deliver the best customer experience at all customer touchpoints.

At DTW Qvantel will also showcase how to leverage Generative AI in customer service with a Customer Care Co-pilot solution. By analysing customer data and interactions, the Customer Care Co-pilot provides the information to help the care agent provide a better customer care experience. This can deliver increased efficiency of customer care operations and a better customer care experience through improved first-call resolution rates. Leading analyst firm McKinsey* reported that the use of Generative AI in customer care centres improved issue resolution rates by 14% an hour and the time spent handling an issue was also reduced by 9% with requests to speak to a manager down 25%. McKinsey forecasts that applying Generative Al to customer care functions has the potential to increase productivity by 30 to 45%.

As CSPs roll out new offers, enter new vertical markets and develop new business models, there are many new monetization models that CSPs need to support. At DTW Qvantel is introducing Qvantel Flex Billing service. The service combines the advanced flexibility of billing functions from Qvantel Flex BSS with Qvantel’s proven managed services which include billing management professional services to run continuous operations under an SLA/KPI governed model. This enables CSPs to bill for anything and open new 'beyond connectivity' revenues as well as monetize traditional telecoms services.

Mahender Nandikonda, Chief Product Officer at Qvantel said, “DTW is the leading event for BSS in telecoms and is the ideal event for us to showcase our latest BSS developments. These are helping CSPs become more agile, provide a better customer experience, enable them to grow their business and give them the freedom to experiment with new ideas, processes and business models”.

*Source: McKinsey and Company - The Economic Potential of Generative AI, June 2023


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