Qvantel Showcases Next Level of Agility for Fibre and Convergent Operators at DTW

Efficiency of AI Assisted Customer Care and Agility Enabled by No/Low Code BSS on Display at DTW


Helsinki, Finland, 5 June 2024 - Qvantel, a front-runner in Digital BSS, today announced the innovative solutions and advances that it will showcase at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World (Copenhagen, 18-20 June). These include:

Enabling FTTx Operators to Move From a Focus on Network Build to Revenue Growth

Qvantel Flex BSS for FTTx enables CSPs (communication service providers) offering fixed broadband services, AltNet operators and ISPs (internet service providers) to deliver the best customer experience possible and grow their revenues. Qvantel is seeing significant demand from fibre broadband providers for their no/low code Digital BSS as operators now look to focus on growing their business and getting a return on their network investments.

Pushing the Boundaries of Agility with AI and No/Low Code

As well as Qvantel Flex BSS for FTTx, Qvantel will also be showing how their BSS supports convergent, mobile, content and value-added services for B2C and B2B customers. At DTW Qvantel will demonstrate how the no/low code capabilities of Qvantel Flex BSS accelerate time to market and give CSPs the freedom to experiment with new ideas, business models and process. A TM Forum CSP survey* in 2023 highlighted that 91% of CSPs had missed business opportunities because they were unable to launch new products and services fast enough. This need for faster time to market is one reason why 78% of the most agile CSPs are looking to invest in no/low configurability.

In addition, Qvantel will also be demonstrating their AI-driven Flex Customer Care Copilot. This uses GenAI to enhance self-service care experience and assist customer care agents to increase call throughput and first call resolution rates. At DTW CSPs will be able to see how care agents can use AI to help deliver the best customer care experience at all stages of the engagement. This covers chatbot interaction, talking with an agent and next best action where the use of no/low code pre-built use cases delivers the most appropriate follow-up action to provide a complete end-to-end customer care experience.

Active Commitment to TM Forum

Qvantel is proud to work with TM Forum. We are committed to open standards and interoperability and are gold-level API certified, a signatory to the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) manifesto and our BSS functions are in the ODA Component Directory. In addition, at DTW, Qvantel will also be participating in a TM Forum Catalyst project called Incident Copilot. This catalyst will demonstrate how, through the use GenAI, CSPs can significantly improve their incident management capabilities, reducing downtime, enhancing customer satisfaction, and minimising business disruptions.

Qvantel is enjoying significant momentum and has won four new customers in 2024. These include the partnerships announced with Etisalat Misr by e&, Telecom Namibia and Perfectum, as well as another fully convergent system implementation with a tier 1 operator.

“The investments we have made in no/low code BSS and AI are delivering significant benefits to our customers,” said Mahender Nandikonda, Chief Product Officer at Qvantel. “This in turn is driving demand for our products and there is no better place to highlight BSS innovation and meet with industry colleagues than Digital Transformation World.”


*TM Forum Report: Transforming BSS – Racing to a Flexible Customer-Focused Future.


About Qvantel

Qvantel is leading the evolution of Digital BSS. Qvantel Flex BSS is a no / low code, cloud-native Digital BSS that is enabling communication service providers (CSPs) to quickly transform to digital service providers. By pioneering the use of no / low code technology in telecoms Qvantel Flex BSS enables CSPs to react quickly to new opportunities and develop new offers, processes and business models.

Headquartered in Finland, with over 20 offices worldwide, Qvantel is a global, product-based company. Our customers include leading CSPs, telecoms groups, MVNEs / MVNOs and digital-first sub-brands. Qvantel software delivers the best customer experience for mobile, fixed broadband, content and digital services.