DNA Awards Qvantel Multi-Year Digital BSS Contract

Finnish operator’s cloud-based digital transformation strategy delivers enhanced agility enabling world-leading customer data usage and increased ARPU

Helsinki – 10th November 2021 - Qvantel, a leader in Digital BSS, today announced a multi-year contract extension to supply its Qvantel Flex BSS to Finnish telecoms operator DNA. This sees the addition of fixed broadband and TV customers to Qvantel Flex BSS, which already manages the DNA mobile customer base, and provides a fully convergent solution for long-term growth.

Vesa Savolainen, Vice President for BSS and CRM at DNA, said: “We see Qvantel as a strong business partner. Working with them has enabled DNA to achieve excellent results. Our net promoter score and customer experience values have increased. Using Qvantel Flex BSS we have been able to build flexible offers such as speed tiers, which has seen DNA enjoy some of the highest rates of customer data usage in the world.”

Vesa Savolainen added: “On average, DNA customers use over 38GB per month and our mobile service revenues increased by 16% between Q4 2017 and Q4 2020 and ARPUs grew by 3% in 2020. These results are largely down to the agility that we have with Qvantel Flex BSS. This gives us the ability to be creative and try out new offers and processes. We can also create campaigns in mere hours. We’ve enjoyed a strong business partnership with Qvantel for several years and this contract extension strengthens this partnership.”

“DNA is a true innovator and a great business partner,” said QvanteI’s CCO and Co-Founder, Mahender Nandikonda, “Qvantel Flex BSS gives DNA the ability to innovate and try out new offers, processes and business models. The results DNA is achieving are world-class. They are not only delivering world-beating mobile data usage figures and driving up ARPU, but the company is also becoming a leading convergent operator and is now the leading fixed broadband operator in Finland. We are proud to partner with DNA and look forward to innovating with them for many years to come to drive new levels of success.”


About Qvantel

Qvantel is leading the evolution of Digital BSS. Qvantel Flex BSS is a no-code, cloud-native Digital BSS that is enabling communication service providers (CSPs) to quickly transform to digital-first companies. By pioneering the use of no-code technology in telecoms Qvantel Flex BSS enables CSPs to react quickly to new opportunities and develop new offers, processes and business models. In the digital telecoms and 5G markets, CSPs will need a new level of agility in BSS that is unimaginable in legacy systems. New offers and processes need to be developed, tested and in production in hours – not months. Using no-code technology Qvantel Flex BSS delivers this level of agility to CSPs.

Headquartered in Finland, with over 20 offices worldwide, Qvantel is a global, product-based company. Our focus on turning innovation into business value for our customers is built on our roots in Nordic telecoms research and development. Our customers include leading CSPs, telecoms groups, MVNEs / MVNOs and digital-first sub-brands. Qvantel software delivers the best customer experience possible for over 230 million telecoms customers covering mobile, fixed and TV services.


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